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4 min readJan 3, 2024

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Student Spotlight

Anna and Marcus

This edition’s spotlight shines brightly on two remarkable siblings, Anna and Marcus, whose dedication and talent have become a harmonious highlight at Jamm Studios. These piano prodigies have not only excelled in their individual lessons but also come together to create something truly special in their musical journey.

Recently, Anna and Marcus mastered a piano duet version of the classic ‘Fly Me To The Moon,’ a heartfelt tribute to their mother’s favorite song!

Beyond their piano lessons, Anna and Marcus have been active participants in multiple Jamm Studios projects. From Student Jamms to Jamm Factory sessions, and even delving into the creative world of Reel-making, their enthusiasm and willingness to explore different aspects of music have been inspirational.

Their involvement in these diverse projects has not only highlighted their versatility but also their commitment to developing a comprehensive musical skill set.

Keep an eye out for their upcoming performances, and join us in applauding their musical journey!

All You Can Eat

We recently swapped our instruments for dinner plates at a vibrant Brazilian barbecue, celebrating the studio’s 4th birthday in October.

As we feasted our eyes on the unlimited array of churrasco and charcuterie we reflected on what we’ve achieved and the real highlights were the stories shared about our journey over the last 4 years — oh and not to mention the gastronomic feats Kenjo manages to pull off each time we’re at the dinner table (we have no idea where he puts it all!)

To our students, your dedication fuels our passion, and times like these rejuvenate our commitment to your musical journey. Here’s to many more melodies, both in music and in life!

Student Jamms

Double Whammy — Episode 18 and 19

To top the year off we’ve had two new installments of our Student Jamms series — including a first for the series with a collaboration with the UK! In episode 19, check out Jeremi’s session where he was asked to perform on the spot with a student recording produced in the UK, featuring Elliot on the piano!

If you’re a student with us and you want to take part in our Student Jamms series just speak with your tutor to get involved!

Jamm Studios Wrapped

As we turn the page to 2024, we pause to reflect on a year resonating with success and growth. In 2023, our journey was composed of countless individual highlights — each one a story of learning, perseverance, and achievement in music.

Thank you for being an integral part of our harmonious 2023. Let’s make the new year even better! See you all soon.

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