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4 min readJul 9, 2023


One Size Does Not Fit All

Music is a deeply personal form of expression that requires individualized attention to foster growth and development. Therefore, it’s essential that music educators adopt a student-centered approach when teaching private music lessons. The traditional “one size fits all” approach to education is flawed because it fails to consider the unique needs, interests, and learning styles of each student. This approach often results in students feeling frustrated, unengaged, and unmotivated.

In private music lessons, a student-centered approach prioritizes the student’s interests, goals, and learning style. It allows the teacher to tailor the curriculum and teaching methods to fit the individual student’s needs, creating a more effective and engaging learning experience. This approach provides the student with the necessary tools to develop their musical skills while also fostering their creativity and passion for music.

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Student Spotlight


In our spotlight this week is a budding guitarist, Martin, who has made waves in our musical community despite having only half a year of guitar playing under his belt. Even though Martin started his journey with us at the young age of 5, his dexterity and command over the instrument are awe-inspiring. One of his most notable achievements has been his ability to seamlessly play power chords. Any guitarist would tell you that this isn’t an easy feat — it requires precision, strength, and agility, especially challenging when you’re still growing and have smaller hands!

What makes this accomplishment even more impressive is that power chords are a cornerstone of various music genres such as rock and punk, adding a level of depth to Martin’s musical repertoire at such a young age. His precocious talent and determination not only make him a joy to teach, but also serve as an inspiration to his fellow students. We eagerly look forward to witnessing the heights Martin will reach on his extraordinary musical voyage.

Jamm Factory

We’re excited to announce a resounding success! Launched in April, our flagship group music sessions known as the “Jamm Factory” has garnered an overwhelmingly positive response from our musical community, reflecting a vibrant enthusiasm among our students to participate in collaborative music-making.

This success marks an exciting new chapter in our journey as we look forward to expanding these opportunities from September. The Jamm Factory, beyond providing invaluable hands-on experience, encourages our young musicians to harness their creativity, teamwork, and passion for music.

Student Jamms

Qatar episode 16 is out!

Another blinding episode put together by our amazing students! In this one you can listen to the fantastic performances by:

00:26 Keller Lewis (Guitar)

03:08 Daniyal Muratov (Piano)

04:24 Becky Kanayat (Drums)

08:03 Rita Nammour (Piano)

If you’re a student with us and you want to take part in our Student Jamms series just speak with your tutor to get involved!

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Join Our Team

Our team is growing

With the music community growing at Jamm Studios we are looking to add to our team.

We are grateful and proud to position ourselves as the premier provider of music education in Doha. With the best music lesson experience in Qatar, our innovative approach to music tuition has been instrumental in establishing our unique brand at our studios on The Pearl.

Our team has a need for another guitar tutor.

The ideal tutor will have:

  • A degree in music or a similar level of experience.
  • Previous teaching experience.
  • Composition experience and the ability to support students with this.
  • A flexible approach to working hours
  • A positive and enthusiastic attitude
  • A great sense of humour
  • An appreciation and love of music
  • An interest in working on a project long term to become an integral part of our company and an interest in travel and experiencing living in another country.

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