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3 min readNov 9, 2022


Welcome to our latest newsletter, here’s a few updates of us and our students.

Jamm Studios Turns 10

We turned 3…

Jamm Studios Doha turned 3 and we’re filled with gratitude to be involved in such a musically passionate community especially off the back of the challenges the world faced not so long ago.

We’re steadfast in our commitment to continuing our work and are grateful to be moving forwards with music education at our studios on The Pearl — inspiring creativity through music is at the core of our values.

…and we turned 10

Our origins are in the UK in a town called St Helens, that is where it all started 10 years ago and continues to grow.

With over 500+ students worldwide we are constantly encouraged by the community, and in fact ourselves inspired by the individuals that make it up — and we want to sing their praises from the rooftops!

Welcome Dave

Our team grows again!

We introduced you to Dave in the Summer when he flew from Manchester airport to join us, and over the past few months he’s become an integral part of the team.

He has been playing for over 30 years and has 14 years experience inspiring students behind the piano, and he inspires more and more with new students joining his cohort every week!

If you want to start learning piano at Jamm Studios, book a free trial lesson with Dave and save your slot!

Let’s Go — Mario!

We like to have fun

We’re always having fun, but last month we decided to have a little extra… We decided to jazz up and dress up for the Mario Bros theme music. Kenjo sported the red hat for Mario while Dave donned the green hat for his brother Luigi. If one thing is for certain, there’s not mush-room for error when recording a Mario themed Instagram reel!

Student Spotlight

Aditya grabbed everyone’s attention the moment he sat behind the piano. In the space of only a few months, he has progressed very quickly to working on pieces at grade 4 level. He likes to draw his favourite anime characters as well as play the theme music, and he’s always taking opportunities to practice at our studios. Keep your eyes and ears peeled, he’ll be featuring in an upcoming Student Jamms episode!

Student Jamms

Qatar episode 11 is out!

Episode 11 was released with participation from one of our youngest ever students!

Congratulations to:

00:26 Luca Millard (Drums)
04:25 Andy Henly (Guitar)
08:33 Artem Fedoreev (Drums)
12:53 Guido Martins (Guitar)

If you’re a student with us and you want to take part in our Student Jamms series just speak with your tutor to get involved!

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