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Jamm Studios Doha newsletter — Q4 2021

We have an amazing story to share from one of our oldest students Guido Martins. As one of the youngest pilots to fly for Qatar Airways Guido has shown himself to have an exceptional work ethic, and when it comes to music the story is no different — it led him to build his own guitars!

At the time in 2020 when the whole world was on its knees with the Covid-19 pandemic many people were displaced from work, and the aviation industry was probably among the worst hit. Only a couple weeks after qualifying his examinations to become 1st Officer he was delivered the news that he was one of the many pilots to lose their positions at Qatar Airways as a result of the pandemic.

Knowing he will be back behind the cockpit one day he didn’t rest on his laurels and decided to move back to his home country Brazil and start studying to become a qualified luthier. In under a year he got the call to return to the skies, and with him he brought 2 of his own hand-crafted axes — here’s the cool part, one of them is made almost entirely from used skateboards!

We are so impressed at the quality of these guitars and are so happy that he is back. Let’s hope he sticks around!

Student Jamms Qatar episode 8 is out!

Our students are prolific, and we are so proud to see all of this progress. It doesn’t matter if they’ve been playing 10 weeks or 10 years, The Student Jamms series aims to exhibit any individual progress no matter how small.

We have on drums — Nero Moran and Elena Andreichuk; on guitar we have Petar Travica and Andy Henly.

If you’re a student with us and you want to take part in our Student Jamms series just speak with your tutor to get involved.

Our Youtube series spans across the UK and Qatar — so feel free to check out the achievements of our students across the pond!

2021 Highlights

Although this year has been tough we can still find things to celebrate. As with last year there were so many stats that didn’t make it to this list and we are massively proud of what we achieved this year across both our locations.

The important thing to remember is that behind each of these numbers are our awesome students and their families, and team of passionate and dedicated tutor. We got through this year together! We can’t thank you all enough for your support and here’s hoping for even better in 2022!

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