Jamm Studios 2020 — Q3 Newsletter

Welcome Back Doha!

After a whirlwind year we have pulled out all the stops for our re-opening in August. We resumed our private lessons at the studio and introduced some cool new features for our students. This year has been full of surprises and we want to share the good ones with you, so hold tight!

We Listened

After hearing your feedback we took action to improve our service offering. After announcing our re-opening in August we delivered two new membership subscriptions at our studio. Each membership delivers different features that we hope will give you more flexibility with your music education. From different levels of access to the practice rooms and more flexible cancellation policies, to the ability to learn multiple instruments and even take a free instrument home! (click below).

View New Membership Options

Free Instrument!

We did it, It’s official! According to the Office Of Instrumental Distribution (…) we are putting more instruments into the hands of the people!

Okay ignore that, but if you hadn’t already guessed it from the title, you now have the option to take an instrument home with you while you learn with us! This is exclusively available to Jamm PRO members and requires 2 months commitment to tuition — you can then take an instrument home with you, perfect for those that don’t yet have an instrument and gives you NO excuse to miss practice!

Better yet, you are automatically enrolled to our Subscribe To Buy scheme which means you can actually keep the instrument if you wish!

Athena Is Born!

Kenjo and his wife Rej have brought their little one into the world! Athena has graced us with her presence 4 weeks earlier than expected and we are delighted to meet her! She is strong and healthy and will no doubt be able to hold a pair of drumsticks in no time!

Only a few days in this world and she was already giving us the ‘rock-on’ hand sign! We hope you will join us in wishing their blossoming family the absolute best — as well as condolences for Kenjo and Rej’s sleeping regime…

Kenjo will be taking some hard-earned time off in September, so we will contact all the drum students about arranging catchup lessons, whilst Kenjo catches up on some sleep!

It’s incredibly popular so click here to join the waiting list.

Student Jamms

Qatar episode 2 is out! This series is to celebrate the progress our students make on their musical journey, however small, and whatever level. Well done to this month’s students!

I Heard It Through The Grapevine

Word gets out quick in Doha and our business relies on it, so thank you to everyone who has mentioned Jamm Studios in conversation when talking about music lessons!

Just a gentle reminder, if you could spare a quick minute to give us a review or recommendation we would really appreciate it.

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