Jamm Studios 2020 — Q2 Newsletter

Keep Calm and Carry On

Jamm Studios Doha
3 min readAug 6, 2020

Welcome to our second newsletter — the past few months have been completely insane but we are still going strong and we want to thank all our students that have stayed with us through this difficult time.

Nevertheless we have some GREAT news to share with you! We’ve have pushed the boundaries and stretched ourselves in ways we didn’t realise we could bend in the passionate pursuit of our mission to share music education with the world.


The Jamm family has announced the advent of two new members this year! Kenjo and his wife Rej are due to bring a new person into the world in October, and just one month later in November Dominic and his wife Étienne are expecting a little one as well. We are really excited to welcome them into this world and we have just the outfit for the occasion.

Guitar Masterclass Series

Head axe wielder in the UK, Paul Glover, is hosting a set of very unique guitar clinics from his own studio. Each masterclass was previously an exclusive one- time only event at the venue over in Jamm Studios UK. Now, Paul has decided to raise holy hell and deliver these awesome clinics once again, this time however streaming directly to your screens via Facebook Live! It’s a first for Jamm Studios in delivering through this kind of format, but we overcame the teething problems and have been able to deliver a great stream with a multi-cam setup, presentation board, wicked guitar tones, and a live editor (Christian Fox) bringing it all together with the participants.

There are still a few more masterclasses scheduled in the series, so if you want to pick-up tickets just reach out to us!

Music Theory Crash Course

From zero to hero in 12 weeks! Starting April we introduced a new course aimed at bringing people up to a grade 5 standard in music theory. It was delivered online through Zoom (starting to see a theme here?) which allowed the course to run internationally across both our UK and Qatar bases.

Starting with the basic foundations of music theory we quickly took a class of 12 students from learning the notes of the stave, to writing out modes and extended chords in just 12 sessions. Each session was supplemented with presentation slides and worksheets to use in-between classes. We also filmed each session to be made available if anyone couldn’t attend.

It was a huge success and it’s certainly something we may consider running again in the future.

We told you it was coming, and here it is!

In April we launched the first Qatar edition of our Student Jamms series — so if you haven’t seen it already — what are you waiting for? You might see yourself.

We teach people of all ages and abilities, and Student Jamms are a perfect place to exhibit what our students are working on at our studio. Our Doha edition of this Youtube series has finally been published.

So whether it’s learning your first beat on the drum kit, or navigating your way through a jazz improvisation in E Phrygian mode, this is the place to see what goes on in all its glory — participation in the magic of music is what it’s all about!

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