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Welcome back!

What better way to start the new year than a winter promotion. We sent an email to all of you in December to give you the opportunity to save big on your January subscription. It was super successful and 80% of you jumped at it!

We are constantly looking at ways to add value to our students. Thanks for your commitment and we look forward to a great 2021!

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We are 1!

Happy Birthday Jamm Studios Qatar!

To round off our first year we have some pretty neat announcements to make — but first let us brag about our birthday trip to Paper Moon!

Jess is a true pizza enthusiast, so she was devastated to be told the pizza oven had broke after we made our order. Though despite the bad news we had some excellent grub, and the service was fantastic! (Kenjo and Adam recommend the lamb chops).

Here’s a toast to the next year!

Welcome Back Doha!

After a whirlwind year we have pulled out all the stops for our re-opening in August. We resumed our private lessons at the studio and introduced some cool new features for our students. This year has been full of surprises and we want to share the good ones with you, so hold tight!

We Listened

After hearing your feedback we took action to improve our service offering. After announcing our re-opening in August we delivered two new membership subscriptions at our studio. Each membership delivers different features that we hope will give you more flexibility with your music education…

Welcome to our second newsletter — the past few months have been completely insane but we are still going strong and we want to thank all our students that have stayed with us through this difficult time.

Nevertheless we have some GREAT news to share with you! We’ve have pushed the boundaries and stretched ourselves in ways we didn’t realise we could bend in the passionate pursuit of our mission to share music education with the world.


The Jamm family has announced the advent of two new members this year! Kenjo and his wife Rej are due to bring a…

Creating a Community

We hit the ground running at Jamm Studios Doha with a vision to inspire creativity through music. Our goal is to create a community of people passionate to learn music, and we achieve this with our innovative teaching style that is structured to enable a tailored approach to each individual student. We are building a diverse family of Jammsters who we want to help achieve their musical goals.

In just a few months we’ve grown to over fifty students with more joining us every week. We love sharing what we do and we have big plans for the coming year…

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